Customize Your Own Pressed Flowers in Wooden Frame Letters

$45.00 USD
Letter Height

Our floral letters are made to order especially for you. Each piece features delicate blooms preserved in resin within a wooden letter frame laser-cut in house. Make the letters personalized by choosing your favorite set of florals that you like most or that would match the room.

Choose your letter, the letter size, and the colors you would like for your flowers.

For the letter size, choose one inch intervals from 6.75" to 10.75". If you would like a larger letter, please reach out via email.

For colors of your flowers, the letters are made with real flowers and I will try my best to match the color(s) you request. Specific shades like "baby blue" will be more difficult to match compared to blue. If you request "blue flowers" for example, I will use various shades of blue and add in some greeneries. You can choose up to 6 colors (a rainbow floral letter). 

If you are looking to get your bouquet preserved, check out the details for custom flower preservation here: Custom Flower Preservation Process.
If you are looking to request specific flowers in your piece, we will process it like a custom flower preservation. Please reach out via email for more details.

The letters come with command strips that you can attach for hanging. You can also choose to just display it on a desk or shelf.

The letters are made with wood and resin. Please keep your letters away from direct sunlight as it will cause your piece to amber. You will receive a care card with your letters.

Our floral letters are made to order with a processing time of 3-4 weeks.