Flower Preservation Catalog

Here you can find the blocks and add ons we currently have available. Prices chart can be found at the end of the page. More shapes and sizes coming soon! If there are any other specific shapes that you'd like, we are open to discussing the possibility.

Once you picked out your block(s) and add-on(s), you can fill out our Booking Form to reserve your spot.

What You Need To Know

- Not all flowers dry the same. Most tend to dry a shade darker.

- We preserve your flowers by drying them and then encapsulating them in epoxy resin. Due to the nature of the material, resin blocks will amber over time. We suggest to keep the resin blocks away from direct sunlight to slow down the ambering.

- Flowers tend to release a lot of bubbles in resin and we monitor the piece to reduce the amount of bubbles in the piece.

Price Chart for Each Block

Block Price
Hexagon 6" $399
Gemstone $399
Standing Circle 7" $449
Rectangle 6"x4" $349
Arch 7" tall $399
Heart 6" $329
Add on Price
Letters (6" tall) $129 per letter
Small Ring Holder $49
Medium Ring Holder $69
Large Ring Holder $89
Semi Sphere (4" wide) $69
Gemstone Mini $59
Arch Mirror $99

Need a larger block or a different shape? Let us know and we can work something out! We are mold makers here as well so create custom designs and shapes just for your flowers. Additional charges may apply.