Hi there! I’m Elaine, but you can call me Ella. My crafting journey started when I was in middle school and got my first cutting machine. I used the machine to make vinyl decals, stickers, and cards. A few years later, I went to a STEM high school. I learned how to use CAD software, work 3D printers, and bring new ideas to life. I learned more than that of course, but those skills really helped me and Ellaful.

I continued to study computer engineering in college, but deep down I knew I want my own little handmade shop. Working for a big name company and climbing up the corporate ladder wasn't my goal. So after college, in 2019, I decided to give myself some time to start and grow my small handmade business. Now here we are with Ellaful.

I got into resin art when I discovered the art of flower preservation. I love flowers, but after some time, they always wilted. When I stumbled upon a floral lamp made with real flowers on Pinterest, I had to research on how it was done. I watched some videos on how to work with resin and how to dry flowers, got the materials needed, and started to experimenting. After 4 months of practicing and many failed pieces, I finally launched Ellaful in September 2019. I now also have the skills to preserve entire bouquets for you!

At Ellaful, we combine functional and beautiful to bring unique ideas and designs to life. Using the skills that I learned in school, I create new designs to organize and decorate your homes.

I also specialize in laser cut jewelry and accessories and home decor. Our earrings are fun and colorful. Many are also nature inspired with floral designs and such. I use specialty acrylic and wood to create unique jewelry just for you.

Ellaful is currently located Centre County, PA. If you are local, we can schedule a pickup. Just send us a message or email us at ella@ellaful.com! If you are interested in a custom piece, don't hesitate to reach out!

All Ellaful products are created with TotalBoat resin. Artists can get a discount on their TotalBoat purchase through my link: https://www.totalboat.com/ellafuldeco.