Hi! I’m Elaine, but you can call me Ella. Ellaful started in 2019, after I finished college for computer engineering. I enjoyed learning the material, but I have always been a crafter. I have dreamed of having my own little handmade shop and now here we are!

Some time in the middle of 2019, I stumbled upon a floral lamp on Pinterest. I was mesmerized. Flowers that don't wilt? I had to research on that. That was how I discovered the art of preservation with epoxy. I started off with practicing epoxy on canvas, got a feel for what it's like, then moved to casting real flowers in molds. After lots of practice, many failed pieces, now, we have the skills to preserve entire bouquets for you! We also create lots of ocean inspired pieces and northern lights inspired works. At Ellaful, we combine functional and beautiful to bring unique ideas and designs to life.

We also specialize in laser cut jewelry and accessories and home decor. Our earrings are fun and colorful. Many are also nature inspired with floral designs and such. We use special acrylic and wood to create unique jewelry just for you.

Ellaful is currently located Centre County, PA. If you are local, we can schedule a pickup. Just send us a message or email us at ella@ellaful.com! If you are interested in a custom piece, don't hesitate to reach out!

All Ellaful products are created with TotalBoat resin. Artists can get a discount on their TotalBoat purchase through my link: https://www.totalboat.com/ellafuldeco.