Flower Preservation

See your special flowers preserved everyday

Our Catalog

We have a wide range of shapes available to preserve your flowers in, including all 26 letters of the alphabet. We are constantly adding new shapes as we grow and are open to making custom ones as well.

Welcome To Ellaful

We started off with resin art over two years ago and recently expanded to focus on flower preservation. Throughout the beginning years of our journey, we experiemented with various materials and methods to now provide you with the best quality blocks for your flowers.

Custom Letters

Just want a custom letter? We can do that, too! Using the flowers we have in stock, we can create any letter that's perfect for a room decor. Nursery rooms, dorm rooms, living rooms, or any room honestly, these letters will definitely look great there.

Our Sister Brands

We offer handmade jewelry and eco friendly homewares in our sister shops, both are perfect for gifting.

ELSI Jewelry

Specks and Swirls