Flower Preservation FAQ

General FAQ

Things to know:

- Not all flowers dry the same. Most will actually dry a shade darker compared to when it was fresh.

- We preserve flowers in epoxy resin. Due to the nature of the material, resin blocks will amber over time. We suggest to keep the resin blocks away from direct sunlight to slow down the ambering.

- Flowers are very delicate and can easily be bruised in the process of shipping, drying, and handling. This can lead to petals being translucent when preserved in resin. We handle all flowers with lots of care to minimize this.

- There are no returns or exchanged on customs.

Do you preserve other flowers?

We will preserve flowers from other occassions as long as they're flowers!

When should I reserve my spot?

You should reserve your spot as soon as you know your event date.

Can you recreate a bouquet?

We probably won’t have your specific flowers dried, but we can definitely get specific flowers to recreate your bouquet. Additional charges will be applied if you need us to get the flowers. You can also reach out to your florist to recreate your bouquet and send it to us.

Shipping FAQ

Do you do local pick ups?

We are located in Centre County, PA and will do local pick ups/drop offs if you are located in Centre County, PA. We can also schedule meeting locations for pick ups if that is more convenient for you or you're in the area.

How do I ship my flowers?

You will receive detailed instructions for how to ship your flowers a week before your event. Please overnight your flowers to ensure that they're in the best condition they can be for preservation.

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