Flower preservation will return in February

Make the flower from your special day last longer than just one day. Preserve your bouquet. Here is the process for getting your flowers preserved by us. The entire process takes up to 16 weeks upon receiving your flowers.

Step 1: Shop Our Selection

We want to make sure that we're able to create something you like. Check out our catalog to see current available options for blocks and add ons and pick out your main block(s) and any add-ons you would like your bouquet to be preserved in. The flower drying process varies for certain pieces so we must finalize the pieces to make sure we have properly dried flowers for all your pieces. You can also let us know if you have any design preferences for layout. We like to fill the blocks, but are completely open other layouts that you prefer.

Step 2: Reserve Your Spot

Please book your reservation once you know your event date. You can book your reservation using our Booking Form. We will try to accommodate to last minute bookings, but there are no guarantees.

Upon receiving your request and confirming your booking, you will receive 2 custom listings - one listing for deposit of $75 and one listing for the rest of your payment. The deposit must be paid within 7 days of receiving the email to secure your spot. The rest of the payment must be paid anytime before your event date. Full payment must be made prior to shipping out your flowers.

Step 3: Ship Flowers

You will receive the instructions for shipping out your flowers 5-7 days prior to your event date. Overnight the flowers the date after the event for the best results. You are responsible for the shipping charges. We are located in Centre County, Pennsylvania and can schedule a local pick up or drop off if possible.

Step 4: Flower Drying Process

Your flowers will be dried according to the pieces you’ve selected. This process takes up to 4 weeks.

Step 5: Creation Process

One proof will be sent via email based on your preferred layout for the main blocks. No proofs are provided for add ons since the sizes vary and we will use the flowers that fit in the mold for the piece(s). If you have specific requests, we can try to work something out.

Please respond to the proof email within 48 hours (weekends don’t count). If there is no response, we will go with the design sent.

This process takes 4-7 weeks, plus 1 additional for resting to fully cure.

Things to know:
Not all flowers dry the same. Most will actually dry a shade darker compared to when it was fresh. Color enhancement service is available upon request.

We preserve flowers in epoxy resin. Due to the nature of the material, resin blocks will amber over time. We suggest to keep the resin blocks away from direct sunlight to slow down the ambering.

Step 6: Heading Back Home

Your pieces will be packed securely and shipped back to you.