Custom Northern Lights Design Letters - Made to Order

$90.00 USD

Unleash the magic of the night sky with our custom northern lights letters. Each wooden letter is laser-cut in house and serves as a canvas for a captivating color-shifting northern lights effect. Paired with a hand-painted forest, each letter adds a touch of natural beauty to the celestial display. Make the letters personalized by choosing what color-shifting effect that best suits you or your room.

Whether you choose a single initial or spell out a name or word, these letters are the perfect addition to family homes, bedrooms, nurseries and dorm rooms. Hang them on your walls, and watch as they become a focal point that sparks joy and invites admiration from all who behold them. Save 10% when ordering 4 or more letters to complete your name or initials for the whole family.

Dimensions of each letter: 10.25 inches tall, varying width depending on the letter (average of 6-7 inches wide).

All letters are made to order. The aurora placement will vary, but I try to have it follow the letter.

The letters come with command strips that you can attach for hanging. You can also choose to just display it on a desk or shelf.

The letters are made with wood and resin. Please keep your letters away from direct sunlight as it will cause your piece to yellow. You will receive a care card with your letters.

Check out our Instagram @ellafuldeco for behind the scenes and more! If you have any questions, send us a message!

Meet The Maker

Hi there! I'm Ella and I make everything here at Ellaful. My inspiration comes from nature and I incorporate lots of real flowers in my art. If not flowers, the designs themselves are inspired by nature from the beach to the skies.