Curved Drop Earrings - Triple Pair Palette Acrylic Blank for Mold Making

Earring Size
Earrings holes

Acrylic blank for making your own earring molds. These blanks are perfect for jewelry makers and mold makers.

This listing is for teardrop earrings as shown in the images.

Size of made earrings:
Small drops - 2" x 0.67"
Large drops -  3" x 1"

Earrings are 1/8" deep. You can choose to include earring holes or not. 

You can use these blanks to make molds for yourself to use or molds to sell. These blanks do not have "ellaful" engraved on them and I am not adding personalized branding to them. Credit for acrylic blanks not preferred. I will not be selling molds of these triple pair earring palettes in my shop.

The blanks come with housing attached so you can just pour right into the mold. The blank will come with masking on. Peel the masking to reveal the acrylic before molding.

All acrylic blanks are made to order with a processing time of up to 2 weeks. Blank colors are random. I try my best to glue the bits to the housing base as cleanly as possible, but if there are any glue marks, they will have no effect on the final mold.

*Tip for molding earrings: Use a staple to carefully poke into the hole (if included in the blank) to make sure that the silicone fills the earring holes all the way through.

I am not doing custom blanks. The blanks in my shop are the only blanks I am offering.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! Contact us.