B-GRADE Mold - Heart Earrings

$5.00 USD

Heart Mold

B-grade mold heart earrings (select your mold based on the stickers in the photo).

Final earrings size - 1.25" x 1.2".

Mold(s) in this listing are considered b-grade can fall into any of the following reasons below:

- If the earring molds have a holo finish, they are b-grade because the holo design is flawed. You can still use the mold for the shapes and add a top coat for a shiny, even finish. Plain molds can also have flaws on the surface that require a top coat for a shiny finish.

- If the earrings molds don't have the holes completely filled in, you will have to drill into the final piece for the earring hardware.

- Dust/specks on the mold making it a cosmetically flawed.

It is safe to assume that you will have to top coat the final piece you demold from the mold.