Acrylic Template for Trays

Tray Template

These acrylic templates mainly for embedding paper in resin following my tutorial - can also use these templates for tracing out cork bases for your tray. This step is shown at the end of the linked tutorial.

Make sure to select the correct tray you need the template for. This listing is for an acrylic template, no silicone mold included. You can find my tray molds here -

The listing is organized in alphabetical order. Sectional trays don’t have templates available. If you have trouble finding what you need, don’t hesitate to reach out.

These templates are made specifically for Ellaful tray molds. They are sized slightly larger than the inner tray slot and slightly smaller than the outer tray rim. The sizes vary based on the mold you need the template for. The template color is random.

I am not making custom templates.